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Since divorce actions in New York have been handled in the supreme court for the county in which the divorce was heard. Counties keep land transfer records, wills, probates, etc.

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An index to genealogy records is available for searching at the State Archives , located at the Empire State Plaza in Albany. Contact for more information about using this index. Follow this link to determine what county a city or town is in. The leisure pursuit of making a family tree is becoming more and more popular, as people want to find out about their ancestry. Figuring out who the founders of a local township is an original colony of the United States is enriching to the area residents. High school and college students often need to research historical documents as part of an assignment.

There are many reasons to study people of long ago, so it is of utmost importance to know the procedure by which to obtain this history. The Family Tree Involves Research If you are wanting to put together your very own family tree, then you are not alone. The subject of genealogy is going through a growth spurt these days.

New York Public Records

What you want to do is going to be a wonderful gift to future generations in your family line. Doing the very first steps comes quite easily. Are you aware of the basic information of the immediate members of your family?

When You Can't Find a Birth Record - Ancestry

It should make you sense a feeling of accomplishment by doing this, too. A thorough investigation into the New York vital records should be next in the process of archiving your ancestors. The New York vital records have critical papers that contain birth and death data that will make your family tree flourish. With the information on these records, you can record your newfound data to your project.

The state of New York knows the public demands these dates when the public needs them, so it offers the information on these documents to all. Local History Should Be Documented by Research Local citizens may band together to form a group that will record a history of area people.

Research Papers are Made Richer with Correct Research Some wary students panic when they realize they have to compose a dreaded research paper. If you have received excellent grades on research papers in the past, then you may already know the importance of the New York vital records. Teachers of varying grade levels want students to explore local history.

Where can a nervous student get the data she needs on local historical subjects? The aforementioned documents, which include birth certificate and death date data, reveal the wanted background information. It is a must-see resource for your needs as a student.

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Birth Certificates. Death Records. Marriage licenses. Contact the clerk of the county that granted the divorce for records of divorces that occurred before January 1, T he Albany Field O ffice FO cannot verify, certify , or obtain a free copy of birth or death records. For New York State requests, the telephone number is Requests receive regular handling when sent to the Vital Records Certification Unit by first class, registered mail, certified mail, or two-day priority mail. Requests submitted in this manner process within ten 10 to twelve 12 weeks from the day received.

We recommend submission by overnight carrier. Use the following address:. For priority handling requests only, use the following address:.

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Requests for copies from foreign countries must pay by a check drawn on a United States bank or by international money order - Do not send cash. The Downtown Field Office FO cannot verify, certify, or obtain a free copy of birth or death records.

For New York City requests, the telephone number is Requests must include either a copy of a signed, valid photo ID of the person named on the certificate or copies of two proofs of name and address. All mail-in applications for a New York City birth certificate must be notarized.

For the New York City birth certificate application, see birth.

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Internet and telephone orders require a major credit card. Mail all marriage record requests by the county where the marriage occurred to the following addresses:.

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  7. Skip to content. TN 27 GN Where to request birth, death, divorce, and marriage verifications and certifications from New York. How to request vital records from New York State. Address for New York State. New York State Dept.