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The SS7 hack is a reality. There are sites all over the internet that offer tracking the location of any cell phone user by just the phone number. Other services.

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The registration process consists of completing and submitting a Registration Application for a Tax Account Number. Under our E-Services , you can register your business online by clicking on the " Register Your Business " link or download and print the Registration Application by clicking on " Forms and Publications ".

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The tax rate is determined by where the employee lives. The only exception to this tax rate is for ordained ministers.

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Employees who live in, but do not work in Louisville Metro, are not subject to the occupational tax. What is the occupational tax rate for ordained ministers? The tax rate is. Additional penalties for the late filing and late payment and interest on any unpaid tax that is not paid by the original due date may be assessed.

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Pursuant to KRS An employer must withhold the occupational license fee on amounts contributed by an employee to any welfare benefit, fringe benefit, or other benefit plan made by salary reduction, or other payment method which permits employees to elect to reduce federal taxable compensation under the Internal Revenue Code, including, but not limited to, Sections and of the Internal Revenue Code.

Will the Revenue Commission accept a copy of the federal extension? However, a copy of your federal income extension request for the same year, is acceptable.

Your Louisville Metro Revenue Commission account number needs to be clearly marked on the federal extension for proper posting to your account. The Revenue Commission will then close your occupational tax account.

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Checking out laptops is a privilege. Abuse will result in the revocation of the privilege. Wireless Wireless Internet connectivity is available throughout the Consortium Library building with no time limit. This network has better speed than the Guest network and only needs to be configured once for use on your device using WPA2 Enterprise technology.

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After opening a web browser you will be directed to a login portal that includes the option to create an account. Username and password for is sent to the APU email address provided during registration.

Visit the reference desk if you need help accessing your email to get your credentials. Accounts are good for 5 months.

This network has speed and security restrictions. After opening a web browser you will be directed to a login portal that includes the option to create a guest account. Username and password for the new account is sent to the email address and cell phone number optional provided during registration. Accounts are good for 5 days.