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Forget the dust and the weeds in the garden! Later she sent me an electronic copy of her newsletter using the photograph of Phoebe Ann Pittman Flowers.

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The second Monday researcher got so excited at finding her information that she hugged me a first in my 31 years as an archivist and librarian. His expertise in genealogy had made him hope he could solve a question nagging his neighbor about the death. Perhaps someone will bring us an original from their attic soon.

Among our favorite researchers are those who arrive, having found KenCat. At a. In it they found proof that their ancestor worked and lived in Ohio County, Kentucky from July to We invite you to explore our online catalog for non-book materials. Comments Off on Summertime and the Researchers are Exhilarating! Three years later, she aced the bar exam, scoring the highest of anyone who took the test and earning an invitation to practice before the state court of appeals. Instead, Louise chose to marry eye, nose and throat specialist Dr.

She also traveled worldwide, looking fabulous. She was a gracious Southern lady with pride, dignity and courage. Click here to access a finding aid. Often, this information can be found as part of the records of various departments or committees, in university publications, and other places where the imprint of their presence can be found on the historical record.

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In particular, past employees generally have a personnel file. Personnel files have been designated as record group UA1D and become available to researchers after the employee has been separated from the university for 30 years or upon his or her death. During , record group UA1D has undergone significant expansion. Catalog entries for UA1D have also been revised so researchers can find information more easily. These were stored in the closed stacks and not catalogued in KenCat because they were not considered part of the collections, but rather as a reference tool.

In some cases, this means a file exists for an employee who is still alive and is still employed by the university. The personnel file materials will be added to these files and become available to researchers in the future once they meet the criteria, above. Filed under University Archives. Informing local historians and genealogists about Library Special Collections is a constant goal. Library Special Collections also had a table informing the public about one of the best genealogical libraries in the state of Kentucky. Howell, McDaniel will plan a Louisville Genealogical Society field trip to Library Special Collections to learn more about unique resources in our collection.

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Logan County Death Records Search (Ohio)

Like those e-mails we get today from Nigerian princes, it was surely too good to be true. As America entered the Depression, rumors of the jackpot awaiting those who could prove their Buchanan ancestry spread like wildfire. The ringmaster of the proceedings was one L.

Buchanan, a Houston, Texas grocer, great-grandson of the Buchanan tycoon, and self-appointed coordinator of the estate settlement. She swore an affidavit as to her ancestry, carefully prepared her Buchanan history, and mailed it to L.

Eventually, it all became too much for old L. Comments Off on The Buchanan Heirs. Tagged as Buchanan estate , Genealogy , L. Each year the Kentucky Library Research Collection receives many valuable donations. Recently, we received a Woolsey Family Bible. Since one of our collecting strengths is genealogical, we greatly appreciated the marriages, births and deaths that were included starting with Sanford C. Woolsey and Angie Smith and their children. This genealogical information about this specified family also included photographs which made the bible even more unique.

Family bibles were very important before the advent of official government records. Even many non-religious families chose to use a family Bible as a record keeper.

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The selling factor was not the holy scriptures but the blank pages between the Old and New Testaments that were waiting to be filled in with names, dates of births, marriages and deaths. This may have been the only record of such important dates in the lives of our ancestors and may give us that elusive maiden name and include other information such as baptismal information or names of godparents. From , births and deaths were recorded in the County Probate Courts.

After that date, the function was taken over by the General Health District, and reported to the state. An online index to death certificates from - is available at the Ohio History Connection Website.

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Birth Records from 20 December to present, Death Records from to present, and Marriage Records from September 7, to the present can be obtained from the Ohio Department of Health. Marriage licenses must be obtained from the County Probate Court where the marriage license was issued. Divorces are usually found through the Clerk of Courts Journals, Court of Common Pleas in the county in which the divorce took place.

The Ohio Department of Health houses only the abstracts of couples divorced in Ohio from September 7, to the present. Copies of divorce decrees can be obtained from the county clerk of courts where the divorce was granted. The Ohio Department of Health website has information on obtaining adoption records. For information on nineteenth century adoptions or guardianships, search the county Probate Courts' Wills, Estates, and Guardianships , County Home records, or other court records.

Some "adoptions" at that time were informal within the family or community and may not have been documented in court records.