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The process of notarizing a document is relatively straightforward, however if improperly done, can set you back in both time and money. Our one and only goal is to provide you with the friendliest, most competent and professional notarial service in Glendale, at a location which is also convenient to surrounding communities including Century City, Mid Wilshire, Los Angeles and West Hollywood. For your added convenience, We are happy to travel to you for a nominal travel fee.

What is a notary public? The most important purpose of the notary public is to make sure that the person who signed the document is properly identified and that there is a permanent record of the information pertinent to the signing in the notary journal. Please keep in mind that state laws differ and that not all notarizations in all states require identification. This is a generalization that is made to be helpful for people to understand the general reason why the notary profession exists.

Can a notary notarize if the signer is not present? No, the signer must personally appear before the notary public. Some states allow a Proof of Execution where another person can appear before the notary and swear that a third party signed a document. Can a notary notarize if the signer doesn't have identification? State laws vary on this point.

Many states allow the notary to "personally know" the signer and notarize them without identification. Generally, a signer should have valid government issued identification such as a current drivers license, state ID, or passport. Some states allow credible witnesses to sign the notary journal and identify the signer.

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Can a social security card, credit card, or marriage license constitute positive identification? Generally, in most states, a proper identification should be a picture ID with a signature, physical description, and expiration date.

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A credit card with a picture does not meet all of those criteria, nor do the other choices. Who can be a credible witness?

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An uninvolved person someone not mentioned in the document and not a family member. Neighbors and friends are commonly used. The biggest problem with credible witnesses is that they might know the signer as "Fred" and not really know what his middle initial or last name are. What if a person's name on the ID and the document don't match? If the name on the ID includes the name on the document, but is longer, then you can proceed. However, if the name on the ID is different, or shorter, then you need credible witnesses Q.

What is that? A capacity is the signer's job or position they are signing as. They could sign in their capacity as an individual, or if they are an attorney, then in their capacity as an attorney.

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Company president would be another capacity. Check your state laws to see if a notary can legally certify or verify a person's capacity, but on notary certificates, a notary is allowed to document the signer's capacity. Can a notary notarize part of a document?

If the notary sees that pages are missing from the document, or if the notary is only given the signature page of the document, that is not acceptable. The document must be in one piece stapled together and the notary certificate must be "attached" which means stapled.

Can a signer add pages to a document that has already been notarized? The signer would have to put together a brand new document with the new page and have the whole unit notarized. Smart notaries carry an embosser which leaves a raised seal and emboss all pages of all documents notarized during their commission. That way, if a page is swapped after the fact, it can be proven that its a swapped page and not an original. Can a notary backdate? Backdating means to record that the notarization took place on a date earlier than the notarization actually took place.

It is a crime to backdate. No matter how badly your desperate clients need you to backdate, don't do it. You could lose your commission.

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If the notarization takes place around midnight, either date would suffice, although its best to look at your watch when they complete their signing of the journal and base the date on that event. Can a notary public notarize foreign language documents? Most states will allow a notary to notarize documents written in a language other than English providing that the notary section is in English. The notary, however, must be able to communicate with the signer without a translator.

Can a notary certify a translation? However, the signer can write a statement and swear under oath that the translation is accurate if the signer needs something in writing that is notarized.

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Then you are the ones certifying the translation, not Notary. Can a notary notarize for an elderly person who can not sign their own name? Passport Agency and return it to you. You must not open or tamper with this envelope before shipping it. The following documents should be placed inside the sealed envelope executed by the Passport Clerk:.

The following documents should be placed inside the envelope sent to our office:. If your passport is still valid you should complete and sign an extra form to report the loss of your passport to the U. In this case you must write a statement explaining what happened to your passport and must submit that passport along with your birth certificate and other requirements. Take the above requirements to your local authorized acceptance agent for passport applications post offices, county clerk's office, public libraries and other state, county and municipal government offices.

To submit an application for a child under age 16 both parents or the child's legal guardian s must appear with the minor and present all of the following:. To submit an application for a minor age 16 to 18 one parent or the child's legal guardian must appear with the minor and present all of the following:.

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Your previous U. Your previous passport has expired and it was issued when you were under The requirements are as follows: U. Passport Application Form DS Please note that only online completed forms with the appropriate Barcode will be accepted. Jackson St, , Glendale, CA And for Permanent Address, please type in your residence address.

If replacing a valid lost or stolen passport, Form DS must also be completed and signed.