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The SS7 hack is a reality. There are sites all over the internet that offer tracking the location of any cell phone user by just the phone number. Other services.

You keep calling me that, so ask yourself. But do you work like a dictator? The CBI has given a false affidavit to the court. When my lawyer presents my case, the truth will come out. But charges are being laid against you A. It is all politics. There was so much bonhomie between you and Sonia. She came and wished you on your birthday.

What happened between the two sisters suddenly? Milna julna alag cheez hai and politics is separate. And now Amar Singh is in the central government indirectly. Are you feeling threatened? I am not but I can say for sure that the Congress will be feeling threatened that if not today then tomorrow he will do something against them. Have you gone soft on Amar Singh? No I have not. The UP assembly results threw them out of the government and installed me. So if the people of UP have already killed them then why should I bother to do anything?

Mare huey ko kyon maarna? You had earlier made charges of corruption against them and said you will send them to jail. Have you forgiven them? Or is it that you did not find anything? Whatever the charges of corruption against them, the cases are going on in the Supreme Court. Why should I come in the middle of that? And why should I feel scared of weak people? But Amar Singh and Mulayam have been reborn. They have become more powerful. They are now more dead than ever. They sit and eat with the PM and meet Sonia every day.

Dining is not everything. The way this government has been saved, they will get no political gains out of this. There is talk of pressing ahead with the cases against you. Whenever there has been a political attack against me, via the CBI or others, I have emerged stronger. So you are ready to fight? So how do you keep so fit? Do you exercise? I just keep busy with my work. No gym or personal trainer?

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Do you control your diet? I eat what I get. I have seen you for the last 15 years and there is an image makeover. Was this part of a plan to ready yourself for chief ministership and prime ministership? I have done nothing. All this has happened naturally. I keep busy with my work and that is my exercise. What hobbies do you have? All 24 hours of the day, I think about the movement I am associated with and how to take my party forward. How to help the backward and weaker sections of our country. I keep making plans for them and that keeps me busy.

Weaving conspiracies? No, plans. But politics is like conspiracy. How to get to power etc A. My party is different from others; it is both a mission and a movement. In the end, it is politics only-how to get power. I agree with Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar, who said that if any section of the society wants to solve its problems, it has to get political power. I will ask you five questions and you must answer them in one line. Who do you think is your biggest enemy? I am against discrimination and untouchability and jaativaad. And your best friend?

The one who will put you in power? The day our society that is divided on caste lines becomes one. I am asking about individuals. There have been 14 prime ministers in India. Who do you like the best? If I liked any one then I would not have felt the need to form my own party. The worst? They are all the same. Do you watch films? I barely get the time. I do watch the news though. Do you have a favourite heroine? Your favourite food? You do eat, right?

Which is your favourite tourist spot? If you got a chance, where would you like to go? After all, even Jawaharlal Nehru took a holiday sometimes. I like natural surroundings. I am very fond of nature. Whom do you see as a political villain in the country today? Is it Amar Singh or anyone other? There is no shortage of such people in the country today. When a bhikkhu has finished his robe and the frame is dismantled his kathina privileges are ended , he is to keep extra robe-cloth ten days at most.

Beyond that, it is to be forfeited and confessed. When a bhikkhu has finished his robe and the frame is dismantled his kathina privileges are ended : Should out-of-season robe-cloth accrue to him, he may accept it if he so desires. Having accepted it, he is to make it up immediately into a cloth requisite.

If it should not be enough, he may lay it aside for a month at most when he has an expectation for filling the lack. If he should keep it beyond that, even when he has an expectation for further cloth , it is to be forfeited and confessed. Should any bhikkhu ask for robe-cloth from a man or woman householder unrelated to him, except at the proper occasion, it is to be forfeited and confessed. This is the proper occasion here. If that unrelated man or woman householder presents the bhikkhu with many robes pieces of robe-cloth , he is to accept at most enough for an upper and a lower robe.

If he accepts more than that, it is to be forfeited and confessed. We accept robes robe-cloth as are proper according to season. If he should not produce the robe, the bhikkhu should stand in silence four times, five times, six times at most for that purpose. Should the steward produce the robe after the bhikkhu has stood in silence for the purpose four, five, six times at most, that is good. If he should not produce the robe at that point , should he then produce the robe after the bhikkhu has endeavored further than that, it is to be forfeited and confessed.

May the you be united with what is yours. May what is yours not be lost. The Samyutta Nikaya, the third division of the Sutta Pitaka , contains 2, suttas grouped into five sections vaggas. Each vagga is further divided into samyuttas, each of which in turn contains a group of suttas on related topics. The samyuttas are named according to the topics of the suttas they contain. For example, the Kosala Samyutta in the Sagatha Vagga contains suttas concerning King Pasenadi of Kosala; the Vedana Samyutta in the Salayatana Vagga contains suttas concerning feeling vedana ; and so on.

A fine anthology of selected suttas is Handful of Leaves Vol. The translator appears in the square brackets []. This is not to deny his unique gift for teaching lay people, which enabled him to communicate brilliantly with people from all walks of life, be they simple farmers or University professors. But the results he obtained with teaching and creating solid Sangha communities are plainly visible in the many monasteries which grew up around him, both within Thailand and, later, in England, Australia, Europe and elsewhere. Ajahn Chah foresaw the necessity of establishing the Sangha in the West if long-term results were to be realized.

This book is a collection of talks he gave to the monastic communities in Thailand. They are exhortations given to the communities of bhikkhus, or Buddhist monks, at his own monastery, Wat Ba Pong, and some of its branches. This fact should be born in mind by the lay reader. These talks are not intended to, and indeed cannot, serve as an introduction to Buddhism and meditation practice.

They are monastic teachings, addressed primarily to the lifestyle and problems particular to that situation. A knowledge of the basics of Buddhism on the part of the listener was assumed. Many of the talks will thus seem strange and even daunting to the lay reader, with their emphasis on conformity and renunciation. Within this environment, in small halls dimly lit by paraffin lamps, surrounded by the assembly of monks, Ajahn Chah gave his teachings.

The talks themselves are spontaneous reflections and exhortations rather than systematic teachings as most Westerners would know them. The listener was required to give full attention in the present moment and to reflect back on his own practice accordingly, rather than to memorize the teachings by rote or analyze them in terms of logic. In this way he could become aware of his own shortcomings and learn how to best put into effect the skillful means offered by the teacher. From the contents of this book, it will be seen that the training of the mind is not, as many believe, simply a matter of sitting with the eyes closed or perfecting a meditation technique, but is, as Ajahn Chah would say, a great renunciation.

Addressing poll rallies at Khandwa and Bhopal in support of the BSP candidates, Mayawati appealed to the people to vote like in Uttar Pradesh where her party got a clear mandate following which it has ensured welfare of all.

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Criticising both Congress and BJP, she alleged that both of them cheat people for coming to power and later their policies aimed towards the welfare of industrialists and capitalists. She said that because of landslide verdict, her party has changed the situation in Uttar Pradesh and conditions in that state is far better now than what it was earlier. The BSP supremo said that her party has fielded candidates on almost all the seats in the state and is capable of forming government on its own. She also highlighted several steps taken by her government for welfare of people of Uttar Pradesh.

Ministers and politicians will attend the parliament to listen to these children as they take up various issues concerning them, officials said. According to social activists, the parliament will enable Uttar Pradesh to have a concrete policy on child protection. Waqf is a gift of land or property made by a Muslim, intended for religious, educational, or other charitable use. He declined to reveal to whom the property was sold. Efforts are on to trace the 13 people, who are still at large, he added.

The rally was scheduled for 23 November as part of a series of rallies to be addressed by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati. BSP rides on support from UP migrants. Bahujan leaders are sure to spring a surprise, particularly in east and northeast parliamentary constituencies. Majority of the migrants in east Delhi are from UP. Since we are into this assembly election on the lines of UP polls, we will get support of these voters. Other parties have begun campaigning only after filing nominations. We have our underground network to take care of voters.

Senior UP leaders are looking beyond the assembly elections. Please take a few minutes and help shape the future of this movement. Share your campaign experience and your thoughts on the best way to keep supporting our agenda for change. Thanks to you, this country has an historic opportunity. Together, we can keep making history,. The Obama-Biden Transition Project is a nonpartisan entity whose purpose is to facilitate the transition to a new government and prepare for the next administration.

In the past, efforts like these have often been very secretive and funded by the D. Your generosity during the campaign helped get us here, but building a more transparent and open government means continuing to rely on a broader group of people to do this the right way. We only have a few weeks to assess the state of the federal agencies, prepare our agenda, and staff key positions in the new administration.

Your support right now will be crucial to helping us accomplish these goals. You know that we got here by building this campaign from the ground up. David Plouffe Campaign Manager Obama for America The message of Gautam Buddha has endured the passage of time and continues to resonate around the world, more than two and a half millennia later. Ambedkar was chiefly instrumental in creating a new awakening, a new sense of social significance and a unique sense of dignity and self-respect amongst a large section of our people who were otherwise placed at the lowest strata in our hierarchical social order with first, second, third and fourth rate souls and human beings without any soul who are treated in a most ugliest form of caste oppression and social discrimination, while the Buddha never believed in any soul but all were equal.

More than anything else he will be remembered for his role in laying the institutional foundation of our Republic and for his heroic struggle for raising the down-trodden to a life of dignity and self-respect.

Buddhist Canon

Mayawati who appleals to the people of the entire Nation to vote for her party which has ensured the welfare of all. Mayawati appeals to the people to vote like in Uttar Pradesh where her party got a clear mandate following which it has ensured welfare of all. She says that because of landslide verdict, her party has changed the situation in Uttar Pradesh and conditions in that state is far better now than what it was earlier.

She also highlights several steps taken by her government for welfare of people of Uttar Pradesh. This is your robe-cloth. Bring me that robe-cloth of mine. What was yours is still yours. What was mine is still mine. Bring me that one of mine. Shrawasti to be accessible by air soon.


Shrawasti Uttar Pradesh : This world famous Buddhist site will soon be accessible by air with the airstrip being renovated, official sources said here on Tuesday. The surfacing work is nearly finished and as per directions of the aviation department sufficient area of adjacent land has been acquired by the administration, said Sub-Divisional Magistrate Babu Lal here.

Besides these two districts, Shravasti shares its border with district Balrampur. Assembly Constituencies. Inhabited, Uninhabited Shravasti, the northeastern town of Uttar Pradesh, is located near river Rapti. This town is closely associated with the life of Lord Buddha. This prosperous trading center was well known for its religious associations. Buddha is believed to have spent 24 monsoons in this city. Today a great rampart of earth and brick surrounds this city. They are now kept in museums of Mathura and Lucknow. At present, the archaeological department of the Indian Govt.

This twin name is applied to two distinct groups of remains, Sahet and Mahet. The latter is identified with modern Mahet. The ruins at Sahet consist mainly of plinths and foundation of monasteries and stupas, all Buddhist. The other site i. At the time of Buddha, Presanajit was the king of Shravasti. The site of Sahet is said to be the park of prince Jeta, son of Presanajit, hence named Jetavan. This episode is found in a sculpture of second century B. A Jetavana scene is also found on an early Amaravati stele.

In the third rainy season after his awakenment, Lord Buddha visited Jetavana and since then he regularly made his sojourn to the monastery spending here 24 rainy seasons in all. One of the interesting episodes in an off-told story of Buddha at Shravasti was the conversion of a robber named Angulimala. After the age of Buddha and Mahavira, the history of Shravasti is obscure till we come to the period of Ashoka in the third century B. Ashoka is credited with the erection of two pillars, each 21m high, in addition to the construction of several monasteries and stupas.

The monasteries and shrines of Jetavana were renovated during the early centuries of the Christian era under the patronage of Kushanas. During the period of Gupthas, the Buddhist establishment at Jetavana was prosperous as before. The history of Shravasti thereafter is quite unknown.

The ruins of Shravasti remaind long forgotten until they were brought to light and identified with Shravasti by Alexander Cunninghum in Successive excavations have yielded the remains of several stupas, temples and monsteries,etc. Photo: A. In Uttar Pradesh, the party has taken care of backward Muslims and we promise that we will amend the Constitution to provide reservation to backward people from the upper castes when we come to power at the Centre.

Mayawati said. They work for the interests of these capitalists when they come to power.

Mayawati, however, did not forget to reiterate her demand for job reservations in the private sector also. While the BSP candidate polled 65, votes, 48, votes were garnered by the Samajwadi Party nominee. With 5, votes, Mithilesh Singh Chauhan of the Congress came third. He lost his deposit.

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BJP did not contest. Agarwal had won the seat as a Samajwadi Party candidate in the U. Assembly elections. Mayawati has expressed gratitude to the people on victory of BSP candidate Mr. Nitin Agrawal with great margin in the Sursa assembly by-election in Hardoi. Her commitment to the well-being of all sections would continue to be translated into action. Mayawati said that the results of the last by-elections, including Hardoi, had exposed the hollowness of the opposition parties.

The people of Hardoi had rejected almost all the parties, that criticised the BSP Government continuously, she added. Mayawati reviewed the progress of repair and improvement works of national highways and other projects of National Highway Authority of India NHAI at a high-level meeting at her official residence here today. She directed that effective action should be taken on projects run by NHAI, and the work on all other roads of the State be completed at the earliest. It may be recalled, that Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati had written a letter to Prime Minister in October last regarding allocation of funds for repair and improvement work on National Highways, tardy progress of works for converting four-lanes into six-lanes on different national highways by the NHAI and the poor conditions and proper maintenance of National Roads handed over to Authority.

After the review meeting by the Chief Minister, the senior government officers discussed in detail the different projects of the Authority with Mr. Vireshwar Singh assured that work on these projects would be completed soon. It was informed at the meeting that work on Lucknow Bypass in progress for the last seven years and it was still incomplete. Work on it was stopped two years ago. The media campaign was launched to promote India as a must-see tourist destination and focuses on both generic and niche areas to convert the country into a destination all year long.

In this campaign, Uttar Pradesh has invited tourists from Arab countries to UP to enjoy lush green environment and its unique circuits during the monsoon season. Infrastructural facilities in the country are being augmented in a well-planned manner. In order to overcome the shortage in accommodation, efforts are on to build more hotel rooms in the next four years under the new state hotel policy, he added. Besides infrastructure, the major destination for all tourists is Taj Mahal. In the Buddhist circuit, we plan to develop, Shrawasti, Kapilvastu.

There are also plans to develop Barsana, Vrindavan and Govardhan. The Department has also firmed up plans to develop the Mahabharata circuit around Hastinapur and all known places like Baghpat and Bijnore. Keeping in mind Muslim tourists, importance has been given to the Sufi Circuit. All these places have shrines mazars or birthplaces of famous Sufi saints. These places are being developed by the department, added the principal secretary.

Tipitaka Texts

He said people from the Arab countries like fresh and lush green places as they come from places with dry weather. Natwar Singh has been charged with working against the principles and policies of the BSP. Mishra said that he had been clearly told that it was not possible to nominate him as preference was given to those who had a long association with the BSP movement. The former Minister was told that ticket would not be given to an industrialist nor would an opportunist be sent to the House.

As for Mr. Jagat Singh, Mr. Mishra said he had been given ticket to contest the Lok Sabha election from Jaipur. When he realised that the BSP would play an important role in the formation of the next government in Rajasthan, he clamoured for contesting the Vidhan Sabha poll from Bharatpur.

However, Mr. Jagat Singh was refused nomination as a Brahmin candidate was already named for the seat. Mishra clarified that no party post had been given to Mr. Natwar Singh and his son, who were in the BSP as ordinary workers. View over the rooftops of Haeinsa Temple. Photo Brian B. Monks go about their daily routine at Haeinsa. Photo Joshua Klein. The Tripitaka Koreana. One of the wooden blocks on display. Festival at Haeinsa. Photo Erik Shin. Springtime blossoms at Haeinsa. Hyoo-Geh-Shil at Haeinsa. Intentional emission of semen, except while dreaming, entails initial and subsequent meetings of the Community.

Should any bhikkhu, overcome by lust, with altered mind, engage in bodily contact with a woman, or in holding her hand, holding a lock of her hair, or caressing any of her limbs, it entails initial and subsequent meetings of the Community. Should any bhikkhu, overcome by lust, with altered mind, address lewd words to a woman in the manner of young men to a young woman alluding to sexual intercourse, it entails initial and subsequent meetings of the Community.

Here the standard is this: twelve spans, using the sugata span, in length measuring outside ; seven in width, measuring inside. Bhikkhus are to be assembled to designate the site. The site the bhikkhus designate should be without disturbances and with adequate space. If the bhikkhu should have a hut built from his own begging on a site with disturbances and without adequate space, or if he should not assemble the bhikkhus to designate the site, or if he should have the standard exceeded, it entails initial and subsequent meetings of the Community.

If the bhikkhu should have a large dwelling built on a site with disturbances and without adequate space, or if he should not assemble the bhikkhus to designate the site, it entails initial and subsequent meetings of the Community. Let the venerable one be reconciled with the Community, for a united Community, on courteous terms, without dispute, with a common recitation, dwells in peace. And should that bhikkhu, thus admonished by the bhikkhus, persist as before, the bhikkhus are to rebuke him up to three times so as to desist. If while being rebuked up to three times he desists, that is good.

If he does not desist, it entails initial and subsequent meetings of the Community. He is an exponent of the Dhamma. He is an exponent of the Vinaya. He acts with our consent and approval. That bhikkhu is not an exponent of the Dhamma and he is not an exponent of the Vinaya. Do not, venerable sirs, approve of a schism in the Community. And should those bhikkhus, thus admonished by the bhikkhus, persist as before, the bhikkhus are to rebuke them up to three times so as to desist. If while being rebuked up to three times they desist, that is good. If they do not desist, it entails initial and subsequent meetings of the Community.

Let the venerable one make himself admonishable. Your depraved conduct is both seen and heard about, and the families you have corrupted are both seen and heard about. Leave this monastery, venerable sir. Enough of your staying here. The bhikkhus are not biased through favoritism, are not biased through aversion, are not biased through delusion, are not biased through fear.

You, venerable sir, are a corrupter of families, a man of depraved conduct. This discourse is one of the masterpieces of the Pali canon. At heart, it is a comprehensive portrait of the Buddhist path of training, illustrating each stage of the training with vivid similes. This larger portrait of the intellectual landscape of early Buddhist India is then presented in a moving narrative frame: the sad story of King Ajatasattu.

In this discourse, Ajatasattu visits the Buddha in hopes that the latter will bring some peace to his mind. At the end of the talk, Ajatasattu takes refuge in the Triple Gem. How beautiful… How lovely… How inspiring… How auspicious is this moonlit night! What priest or contemplative should we visit tonight who might enlighten and bring peace to our mind? He is aged, long gone forth, advanced in years, in the last phase of life. Your majesty should visit him.

Perhaps, if you visited him, he would enlighten and bring peace to your mind. All this time Jivaka Komarabhacca was sitting silently not far from the king. Do what you think it is now time to do. But when the king was not far from the mango grove, he was gripped with fear, trepidation, his hair standing on end. Go forward, great king, go forward! Those are lamps burning in the pavilion hall. Then the king, going as far on his tusker as the ground would permit, dismounted and approached the door of the pavilion on foot.

Then the king approached the Blessed One and, on reaching him, stood to one side. May he enjoy the same peace that this community of monks now enjoys! Then, bowing down to the Blessed One, and saluting the community of monks with his hands palm-to-palm over his heart, he sat to one side. They live off the fruits of their crafts, visible in the here and now. They give happiness and pleasure to themselves, to their parents, wives, and children, to their friends and colleagues.

They put in place an excellent presentation of offerings to priests and contemplatives, leading to heaven, resulting in happiness, conducive to a heavenly rebirth. Is it possible, lord, to point out a similar fruit of the contemplative life, visible in the here and now? After an exchange of friendly greetings and courtesies, I sat to one side. If with a razor-edged disk one were to turn all the living beings on this earth to a single heap of flesh, a single pile of flesh, there would be no evil from that cause, no coming of evil. Even if one were to go along the right bank of the Ganges, killing and getting others to kill, mutilating and getting others to mutilate, torturing and getting others to torture, there would be no evil from that cause, no coming of evil.

Even if one were to go along the left bank of the Ganges, giving and getting others to give, making sacrifices and getting others to make sacrifices, there would be no merit from that cause, no coming of merit. Through generosity, self-control, restraint, and truthful speech there is no merit from that cause, no coming of merit. Just as if a person, when asked about a mango, were to answer with a breadfruit; or, when asked about a breadfruit, were to answer with a mango: In the same way, when asked about a fruit of the contemplative life, visible here and now, Purana Kassapa answered with non-action.

Neither delighting nor protesting, I was dissatisfied. Without expressing dissatisfaction, without accepting his teaching, without adopting it, I got up from my seat and left. Beings are defiled without cause, without requisite condition. There is no cause, no requisite condition, for the purification of beings. Beings are purified without cause, without requisite condition. There is nothing self-caused, nothing other-caused, nothing human-caused. There is no strength, no effort, no human energy, no human endeavor.

All living beings, all life, all beings, all souls are powerless, devoid of strength, devoid of effort. Subject to the changes of fate, serendipity, and nature, they are sensitive to pleasure and pain in the six great classes of birth. There are kinds of kamma, five kinds, and three kinds; full kamma and half kamma. There are 62 pathways, 62 sub-eons, six great classes of birth, eight classes of men, 4, modes of livelihood, 4, kinds of wanderers, 4, Naga-abodes, 2, faculties, 3, hells, 36 dust-realms, seven spheres of percipient beings, seven spheres of non-percipient beings, seven kinds of jointed plants, seven kinds of devas, seven kinds of human beings, seven kinds of demons, seven great lakes, seven major knots, seven minor knots, major precipices, minor precipices, major dreams, minor dreams, 84, great aeons.

Having transmigrated and wandered on through these, the wise and the foolish alike will put an end to pain. Pleasure and pain are measured out, the wandering-on is fixed in its limits. There is no shortening or lengthening, no accelerating or decelerating. Just as a ball of string, when thrown, comes to its end simply by unwinding, in the same way, having transmigrated and wandered on, the wise and the foolish alike will put an end to pain. Just as if a person, when asked about a mango, were to answer with a breadfruit; or, when asked about a breadfruit, were to answer with a mango. In the same way, when asked about a fruit of the contemplative life, visible here and now, Makkhali Gosala answered with purification through wandering-on.

There is no fruit or result of good or bad actions. There is no this world, no next world, no mother, no father, no spontaneously reborn beings; no priests or contemplatives who, faring rightly and practicing rightly, proclaim this world and the next after having directly known and realized it for themselves. A person is a composite of four primary elements. At death, the earth in the body returns to and merges with the external earth-substance.

The fire returns to and merges with the external fire-substance. The liquid returns to and merges with the external liquid-substance. The wind returns to and merges with the external wind-substance. The sense-faculties scatter into space. Four men, with the bier as the fifth, carry the corpse. Its eulogies are sounded only as far as the charnel ground.

The bones turn pigeon-colored. The offerings end in ashes. Generosity is taught by idiots. The words of those who speak of existence after death are false, empty chatter. With the break-up of the body, the wise and the foolish alike are annihilated, destroyed. They do not exist after death. I with her kelly ripa feet body. Say as kate winslet sex i traceda path over me just. And again please keep their identities a secret Click on below button to continue.

What they say uncomfortable that. Ainslie iii st. But the image of him sticking his tongue out at a party is far more likely to color a judges or anyones perceptiona phenomenon thats been proven by more than anecdotes. I was slurred she said. That hed butted through the stage he thought.

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