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The SS7 hack is a reality. There are sites all over the internet that offer tracking the location of any cell phone user by just the phone number. Other services.

The phone is paired to the PC, but every attempt to receive a file fails! What am I doing wrong? It would also be nice to know where I should look for the received file once it is successfully received! Now all that remains is to find a way of tucking this one song file into a compilation folder where it really needs to go! Any Ideas? Boat: A hole in the water into which you pour money.

Share Tweet Share Share. DRSC Media. The Huawei music app has an equalizer, Dolby Atmos. Other models with a headphone jack have Huawei Histen, but for some reason those without the ones with only type-C, like P30 Pro don't have Histen For the sound files, it's actually not too difficult, you need to change the attributes in the settings of each mp3 file on your PC, then move said files to your phone.

The best way would be organizing said music in folders on your PC and moving all in one go to your phone, in a folder named "Music", that way you can find it easily in your phone.

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You go into the file details, go to "Details" tab, and then can manually fill in the information, such as artist, year, album, etc. If more than one song has the same attributes, then the music app will bundle them together, recognizing it's the same album. You have third-party applications that can do this "en masse" many at the same time , instead of manually.

These apps also allow you to add a cover, instead of the boring, no cover version. I gave up long ago on properly titling and organizing all my music, so now I dump all in one folder and done.

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For the transfer, I wouldn't know, I do think my mobo has bluetooth, but it's just a pain, I use OneDrive to transfer all my stuff from my phone to my PC, and the cable to transfer big files from PC to phone. DRSC Media, once more you ride to my rescue!

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I will study this and see if I can achieve a temporary fix as I might not have the time before I go away to do a complete re-hash of my music. What you say of course makes sense, and I will do a complete re-install of the whole lot in the downhill run to winter. It sounds very similar to the facilities that iTunes offer for cataloguing and sorting music. Like yours, mine has just become a grizzly collection of odds and sods gleaned along the way! Thank you so much for all the help you have given me with this and other problems! Good to know there is someone out there willing and able to assist when I get lost!!

It also depends on where you got your music from or how to classify it. Back in the day, I would just rip my CDs with some German freeware can't remember the name , which would also allow me to immediately input the proper album name, artist, cover, etc, so it was just a matter of doing it once and let the software do the rest.

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  7. Magic MP3 Tagger!

If you buy the music from iTunes, Google, Amazon I use Amazon , then the songs come tagged automatically, no need to bother doing it manually. If you download random stuff from YouTube and other sites, you'll mostly have to tag everything yourself, which is time consuming.

Zotero Tutorial: Organizing with Tags

The default software bundled in Windows 10 can do some of the work, such as editing the title in etc, otherwise the garbage Groove Music from Microsoft can also do some of the work, but I wouldn't know, I don't even know why they bothered with that app. You can also kinda mass edit the information by selecting all tracks of an album, going to the details and inputing said details, such as album, singer, etc. Song names Then click "ok" and after some seconds all the album songs will have the details marked.

Good luck finding which one it is. Thanks for those tips, most of my stuff came on those big black shiny plates, So much so that when one of my cherished albums started to skip, When computers came along, I digitised all my collection using Audacity well, nearly all, I still have some to do. I also wanted to digitise my tea chest full of "Thompson" pirated album CD's which I gathered during the Dubai years! God, the quality we used to accept as "OK".

Happy days. Need help now? Find answers to your questions in our F. Powered by inSided. Sign up Already have an account? Which Huawei devices do you own? Why do you sign up?

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Private Only you and moderators can see this information. Hidden fields. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. ID3Fixer can help to fix garbled ID3 tags of music. Support two mode. Fix tags in music files permanently. Suggested 2. Fix Android database only, does not affect the music files. ID3Fixer support multi-select and fix a batch of files. Support to select music by folder.

  • Organize And Manage Your Music Collection With MediaMonkey.
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  • Wanting to organise my Music and download some from my PC HELP...I'm lost! ! :).
  • If you found some songs that could not be fixed, please send the sample file to me, and I will try to fix it, thanks. If the method to write tags does not work, and no error message pop out, maybe your device does not support to reading Unicode tags. If you need any charset that does not in the list, please email me or left the message in the comment, I will add it in the next release.

    Add Hebrew translations, thanks aviel ghermezian and his team.

    Organizing Music Files & id3 tags in Traktor

    Tag: id3, tag, music, mp3, mp4, wma, covert to unicode. Reviews Review Policy. Thanks "nik Nikola" to contribute the translations.