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First Steps for Divorce. The Divorce Process -. No Fault vs. Fault Divorce. Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce. Divorce Settlements. Divorce Mediation. Collaborative Divorce. Divorce Trials and Appeals. High-Asset Divorce. Late-Life Divorce. Military Divorce. Divorce From a Foreign National. Modification of Final Judgments.

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Cost of Divorce. Divorce Residency Requirements. Serving and Answering a Divorce Petition. Name Changes.

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Divorce with Children. Pre-Marital and Post-Marital Agreements. Hidden Assets. Dividing Real Estate. Dividing a Business. Dividing Debts During Divorce. Inheritances in Divorce. Divorce and Taxes. Divorce and Credit Issues. You are very kind in doing this. Not sure if you will ever read this, but I would like to help you as I live in Oregon. If you can email me please do so ladyrachey hotmail. Yes, he was abusive and kept me fairly out of it with meds from his dial-a-doc for pills.

How would I go about getting a copy of the divorce papers. See, I changed my name via common law usage. I wrote under a pen name and decided to take that name as my own after I left. But so many places keep trying to state that the only way to change the name is through the courts. It would be nice if the divorce papers would be the piece I need that would allow me to not have to worry all the time about my changed name vs. That should give the person in charge a hint. Then he signed it and added his surname with a hyphen to mine on the papers.

I tried and tried to get the health dept. Had to get a notarized paper from the father stating that it could be taken off. Not happening. Makes me want to scream. Can I still change my last name if I have been divorced in and have been with him as common law since then on and off. Yes, you can change your name at any time. It is easier to change it at the time of divorce, since you can just put that into the paperwork.

I have a question: so I had been married or so I thought for just under 3 years and divorced for 3 years now. I only had gotten my marriage license and never signed anything after that, so there was no judge or civil ceremony, so does that mean that I was never actually legally married? They charged him to file for divorce from me and I forgot to put in the decree that I wanted to change my name back to my married name. So if my marriage was actually never a legal marriage, could I go back to my maiden name without being charged? How Can I find out it my marriage was actually legal or not?

Thanks in advance. My 2nd husband was the love of my life, he passed away at just 40 yrs old. My question is can I take back his last name. I have a burial plot where I am to be buried next to him. I would like to change my name back to my maiden name. I have been divorced 29 years, I know a long time. For different reasons, I never changed it before. I am now in a common-law relationship, but everyone thinks I am married. No one knows about my previous marriage.

It was a bad marriage, he was abusive. This is really bothering me of what to tell people. What do I tell people at work of why I am now changing myname? A counselor suggested to say, that I am going back to my birth name. Please help if you have any ideas or suggestions as to what I should say or do. Hi there, I have been divorced for 10 years and never changed back to my maiden name.

I was thinking about filing a form FL, but wanted to know if I could choose another surname which was not a previous name , rather than my maiden name. Is this allowed or do I have to go through a complete name change process? Thank you for your help. You cannot use that form to change your name to any other name. The instructions say that for that you have to go through the name change process in Probate Court. I was married in Missouri and soon after we got transferred to VA. When we got divorced it was filed and completed in VA. I am now back in Missouri and I want to go back to my maiden name it is not in the decree.

I got married in Indiana and divorced in Missouri where I currently reside. Do you just take the final divorce decree to the county clerks office? Can i keep my married name and pick my maiden name back up. My decree allows me to have my maiden name back. If your decree gives you the right to change your name, then you can use either your married name or your maiden name. I have been reading these comments and this particular one dated April 13th, does seem to answer my question. Although I would still need clarity on it….

As a previous commentator wrote that she was lazy and never changed any documents back. We are in good terms. No one can force you to change your name. The paperwork you have from your divorce gives you the right to change your name, but it does not require you to do so. I live in MN…Thaks, kelly.

If you paid to have your name changed, you should have gotten documentation regarding your new name that you can submit. I have a question to ask…. No one can compel you to change your name. The divorce papers give you the ability to use your maiden name if you wish to change it. I divorced in Ventura county California and was unsure off restoring my maiden name due to my kids. I now live in Wayne county Michigan and have decided I want my maiden name back. Can I just send a form in to either Michigan or California? Going downtown to Detroit is a pain in the butt. I just want my name back.

If your divorce decree gives you the right to restore your maiden name, then you can take that decree to the DMV and Social Security Administration to do so. Otherwise, you can petition the court in the state where you are a resident to change your last name. You will have to file a new complaint for a name change, have your fingerprints taken and have the state police check your criminal record, and you will have to publish a document in the legal news and go before the judge to have it approved.

Hi My divorce decree States that i am restoring my maiden name will it automatically change after my divorce is finalized? And, do they send me the divorce decree in the mail to revised it first before they file it with the courts? My ex-husband and I lived in California. When he got stationed in North Carolina, he divorced me there while I still lived in California. Now that they are all grown, I would like my maiden name back. Do I petition the court where the divorce took place to regain my maiden name? You need to change your name in the state where you reside.

It is too late to have your name changed as part of the divorce. While changing last name, SimpleNameChange service is useful. It will allow to print all forms already filled out, for various institutions more easily. I am getting remarried soon. Can you discuss the pros and cons of doing this? I have read that some people feel hyphenating is a hassle. Also, is it a bad idea to keep your previously married name with a new married name? I will be getting divorced soon in NJ and I intend to have the option of returning to my maiden name in my final divorce decree.

When I married my first husband, I never legally changed my last name to his name.

When I petitioned the court for a divorce, however, I used my married name. The divorce was granted. This was over 17 years ago. Since my last name was never legally changed after I married the first time, is my divorce legal? I remarried 5 years ago. Is my marriage to my current spouse legal given the fact that my divorce was granted under a name that had not been legally changed? While reading the marriage settlement agreement, I requested my former maiden name to be restored, but now I have changed my mind.

Do I need to now go by the restored former name, or can I just continue to use my married last name? While reading the marriage settlement agreement into the court record, I requested my former maiden name to be restored, but now I have changed my mind. You can continue to use your married name. This question seems to be asked over and over, but I still need clarification. I am divorced from my second husband. It was not put in our divorce papers to change my name and now he is insisting that I change it either to my previous married name the same as my children which I prefer or go back to my maiden name which I do not want to do.

Will the court force me to change my last name? Or if I decide to do this, I would like to go back to my previous married name instead of my maiden name. My first husband is now remarried, is there any reason that I can not use my previous married name? Many people still know me by that name. Thanks you. Your name is your name — you can take whatever name you choose, including keeping the name you have now. Hi i have a question i had my divorce 2 years ago and i wanted my Madden name back at the time but for different reasons im now wanting to keep my last name as my ex husbands name and now he is re married and his new wife is telling me that i have to change my name back because in our divorce it was changed by the judge do i have to change it or can i keep my married name.

Im needing to now because our children are in my ex husbands county for school and his new wife said she sent the school our divorce papers showing the judge gave me back my Madden name and if its not changed i can not have any contact with my children for any type of school events. Egad, the only person worse to take legal advice from than your ex spouse is his new wife! The judge did not change your name, he gave you permission to change it.

Hello, maybe you can shed some light on the situation I am in. In my first divorce was finalized, and I had the decree stating that my maiden name be restored. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Are you sure they understand the chronology of what happened? From your description, at the time you married your second husband you had not yet changed your name back to your maiden name. So you used your married name to sign the license. Subsequent to that you changed your name to your maiden name, and henceforth will use that name.

How long can I wait to change my name after my divorce is final without going thru the steps outlined at the beginning of this article? I would like to take my divorce decree to the DMV and begin the name change process as described but would like to delay for a bit—up to one year. Is this reasonable? What is an acceptable time frame to delay in Washington State without going thru the more complicated process?

In general, if you were given the right to take back your name in your divorce paperwork, you can do it at any time after the divorce is final. I just turned in the FL here in California and it was free. In 2 weeks I go get my official name change paperwork reclaiming my maiden name. I was divorced 15 years ago and I still had copies of my divorce decree and added my birth cert for good measure! Thank you for sharing this! I am going through my 2nd divorce and have a daughter from each marriage.

I kept my 1st husbands name until I was married the 2nd time. I am getting divorced in Mo and want to know if this is legal and can be done with my divorce. Thank you. As far as I know, your name can be whatever name you choose. There should be a place on the paperwork to indicate the new name that you want to take. My maiden name although shorter, is just as difficult to spell or say as my married name.

I have all my public items with my married name i. Hi i would like to change my name back to my maiden name what are the first steps i need to do and does it cost a lot of money? Thank you from colorado. Here is a link to the forms you need to change your name in Colorado. Hi, if my soon to be ex husband filed the divorce papers and was the petitioner, can he mark on the paperwork that me, the respondent, want to change name back to maiden name? It is proceeding as a default case since I did not respond to the initial filings. As far as the governments is concerned, they still have me with my maiden name.

Do I have to do anything more other then change my driver licensebback to my maiden name. When I last renewed my driver license the person at Motor vehicles started to tell me they could not renew it with my married named I informed them that I was going through a divorce and that the next time I renew my license my maiden name will be used. If you are using it for other purposes, such as banking, credit cards, etc. My divorce decree allowes me to change my name. I have two young children and not sure if i want to change it I was thinking after they all grow up which is 9 more years.

Also, I am going to college, i dont want to have my ex last name on my diploma. I am a green card holder. My green card would be expire in march. I am planning to apply citizenship. My question is if I apply citizenship name with my ex last name so his last name would be in the certificate? Should I change my last name first before I apply citizenship? You may change your name at any time. I live in Kentucky, finalized divorce earlier this year. Can I hyphenate our last names instead keeping maiden and married?

Our marriage was only 4 months, so most educational, loans, etc are in my maiden name. We lived in Marlyand when we separated and I then moved back to New Jersey. He filed for divorce in Maryland and we are in the divorce process now. Where do I file for name change? In Maryland or New Jersey? If you want to wait until your divorce is final, you can ask that it be included in your Maryland divorce papers.

If you want to do it sooner, then you will do it in the state in which you reside, which is New Jersey. I was married in and changed my name got divorced was awarded my maiden name back but never changed it was remarried and divorced again and also was rewarded my name back but I never changed it at the social security office from my first marriage what do i do to get my maiden name and will i get in trouble? I was married the first time in and divorced and remarried and divorced beginning You were given the right to use your maiden name again, so you can resume use of it at any time.

You likely will need to show the document that gives you that right when you apply for a name change at the DMV, your bank, etc. I just received my final decree of divorce. Will I also need my marriage certificate to change my name or just the divorce papers. I understand that divorces take a minimum of 31 days to process. Yes, there are other court documents you can file.

Talk to your attorney or a clerk at the courthouse about the process. My marriage and divorce occurred in Missouri. I am now a resident of California. My divorce was finalized in I recently got divorced. I asked for my previous last name and was granted it. I never went to the ss office or dmv to change it back to my previous. Now my ex husband and I are trying to work it, can I just keep my married last name or because I asked to go back to my previous I have to do that? I live in il. If you never changed your name, you never changed your name.

So whatever name you are using is your name. I recently got divorced but I have been divorced from my first husband since Got remarried in Now I am divorced again. I always wanted to keep my first husband name because of legal things and my two children. How can I change back to my first husband name? Will a University reissue your diploma with your maiden name on it after you legally change your name back?

My question is if you remarried and u still have your exhusbands last name. Is there any penalty or a period of time to change it. Snd c as n I use my maiden nsme instead of my marriedhusband last nsme. You are not compelled to change your name when you marry or divorce, so there is no penalty for failure to do so. I divorced my 2nd husband in and said no when the Judge asked if I wanted to go back to my maiden name. But what if I want to hyphenate my maiden name along with my married name? Can I do that via process you outlined initially or would that be a complete name change?

If your decree gives you the right to change your name, you can probably change it to whatever name you want.

Can I go back to my maiden name after my divorce in Florida?

I got divorced five years ago in NJ and now I live in Pennsylvania. I did not file to change my name back then but I am ready now. Can I do the name change in the court where I live now? You can change your name at any time no matter where you live, if your divorce papers give you that right.

Just show that court document. I am doing a DIY divorce. Getting the divorce papers from library here in Georgia. I just dont know if there is a special paper im going to need to add to it to request my previous name back and if so what is it called.. Maybe they can answer that question at the courthouse.

Or maybe you can find it online or in the documents you were given. I was divorced in Kansas over 8 years ago. They never mentioned changing my name back to my maiden name at the time. I now wish to change my name to my maiden name and live in Ga. How do I do this Please!?? IMy daughter I wish to change her name as well.. I am in the process of divorce and I want to use my birth name afterwards.

Changing Your Name After Divorce

Is there an extra step or hoops to jump through for this? I have my original SS card with my birth name on it as well as my adoption papers etc. As part of the divorce, ask that your name be restored. I believe that you can then change your name to whatever name you choose. I live in Louisiana and just got a divorce from my second husband last November. Since he was the petitioner for the divorce he did not request for my removal of his last name. The divorce decree does not state name change or reinstatement.

How can I go back to using my first husbands name that is the same of my two children. Follow the suggestions in this article. Just sharing. Really easy. I married in in California. I divorced in in Arizona. I currently live back in California. When I got my divorce, the judge asked me if I wanted to go back to my maiden name or keep my married name.

I kept my married name and that is stated in my divorce decree.

Name Change After Marriage in Florida - Marriage Name Change

How do I go about doing that? And which state do I do it in? Do I just follow the steps in this article or is changing my name back to my maiden name a more difficult procedure since I kept my maiden name? If you change your name, you will do it in the state in which you reside. Basically I thought I met the criteria to use the steps listed in your article. I just wanted to make sure that was the case since my divorce decree states I will be keeping my married name. Please clarify!

Changing Your Child’s Name After Divorce

Thank you! Can I still legally change my name back if my divorce papers that says I want my name back has a miss print? You can legally change your name to whatever you want. If your divorce papers gave you that right, then you can use that as your permission. If not, then you will have to go through a more formal process.

I asked for my name to be changed back to my maiden name. You can change it whenever you are ready. If you decide not to change your name, you can continue using your married name and not change it. It is up to you. Can I request this in the divorce decree? Do I have to hyphen in between the two last names? If I ever remarried, could my maiden name be a second middle name? Could this be done with the marriage license? In most states, you can request any name that you want.

And if you remarry, you can change your name and use your maiden name as a middle name. Ok, thank you, I suppose the worst the judge could say is no to the last name I put in the divorce paperwork. I got divorced in April and the judge granted my maiden name back but I have not changed it yet..

Since you were given the option to change your name, you may do so at any time, but you are not required to do so. Thank you so much for this great information. I got divorced in New Jersey in April but was too gutted to change my name. I am in a practical mindset right now, above all other considerations.

Is that change going to be a hugely difficult task? Is it even possible? Or you can use an online legal service such as Legal Zoom. Hello and thank you for this great information! I was divorced 10 years ago and never changed back to my maiden name.

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I see celebrities and certain religious practices do it all the time. How did they manage it? You may choose any name that you want to. In a search engine, search for how to change your name and follow the instructions there. If my divorce was done in the state my ex-husband lives, but I live in California. I got divorced 10 years ago in Idaho, I live in oregon now. I was born in Seattle. I did not want to change my last name back to my maiden name at the time of divorce, but I am ready to now. What steps do I have to take, and will there be a fee? Was previously married and divorced and am remarried now.

Think long and hard before changing names, especially during the first months of divorce planning. I was angry. I wanted nothing to do with his last name, but 9 years later I regret it, especially since we were divorce in two days and he died within the first two years after our divorce. We were working our way back to remarriage. Today, I am so sad that I legally reverted to my maiden name. I loved him angry or not. I want my married name back to honor his memory. Upon my divorce, I took back my maiden name. It was a mistake. Is there any way to regain my married name without remarrying?

I am divorced and never took back my Maiden name. I have remarried, but not legally changed my name yet. Can I change back to my maiden name and hyphenate my new last name. Example: maiden is Jacobs, married is Pasciak…i want my new legal married last name to be Jacobs-Good.