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This change slightly reduced factory horsepower, but it made Mustangs much easier to modify. A driver's-side airbag became standard starting in Adjustable front seats for the LX-model Mustang and upgraded engine air sensors for all models are the only significant updates for To celebrate the Mustang's 25th anniversary, all Mustangs manufactured between April 17, and April 17, received a dash plaque decorated with a galloping pony badge, the three tribars and 25th anniversary stamped at its bottom.

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After April , the badge on the dash was changed to just the running pony and the tribar without the 25th anniversary stamp. These are anniversary edition Mustangs, regardless of what some people say. Some people claim that there were only two anniversary editions up to this time, the 20th Anniversary Edition '84 G.

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  • However, although these two years were "limited production" editions, that fact that FORD placed a special plaque on the dash for a limited time to differentiate these cars from others in these two years attests to their being somewhat special. About the only things worth mentioning on the Mustangs were very cosmetic or option oriented.

    For example, if an LX was optioned out to have a 5.

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    All 5. THIS is where I get misleading info or info that is throwing me off. It is showing an "E" code as an option.. Aug 27, 9, 6, In the garage. Feb 27, 1, 52 49 43 Oak Cliff.

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    That vin is for a is a GT ragtop. You guys tell me?? I didn't think so, thank you all for the info. It still looks like a nice car, but not an original Cobra.

    Man, I hate when people try and scam others with this phony Cobra nonsense. I am seeing this more and more these days. If the guy would lie about something as blatant as this, what else is he misrepresenting about the car That enough is reason for me to walk. I don't do business with crooks. Feb 18, 31, 7, Massachusetts.

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    Usually that's done when people search specific terms so that anyone searching COBRA would get a hit on his ad. Nowhere else does he call it a Cobra. Feb 27, 2, 1, stl. A lot of people don't know what a cobra is. They think you can call a gt a cobra.

    I see it all the time. May 17, 4 19 No offense, but if you can't tell just by looking at that one pic that it's not a cobra, then I suggest you buy a honda instead By the way, I emailed the poster about changing the title of the ad and this is the reply I got Who in the are u to know anything your name just about says it all crackattack Sent from my SPH-L using Tapatalk 2.

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    • That's when you delete the email, the ad, and go on your merry way Aug 10, 9, 1, Ontario, Canada. Not trying to be rude, thats why I said no offense Actually I said no offense, not a fence Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. SN95 4. Similar threads Vin decode