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However, due to the strong rapids, the French were unable to explore much further. The expedition ended when they returned to France in September In France, Champlain reported the details of his trip to the King. By , Champlain was once more heading to the New World. This time the expedition was led by Pierre du Gua de Monts. De Monts had been granted monopoly — exclusive possession — of the fur trade. They would spend the next three years exploring and mapping parts of North America.

The goal was to once again try to find a good place for a French settlement. They landed on the coast of Nova Scotia, sailed around to the Bay of Fundy. After a few months, they settled for winter at Saint Croix Island in the St. Croix River. After enduring a harsh winter, they began exploring the eastern coastline as far down as Cape Cod. In , this site would become the capital of the area known as Acadia. Du Gua had to return to France in September His company was having financial hardship.

Champlain and the expedition continued exploring these areas for the next few years. Port Royal was forced to end, and Champlain and the settlers returned to France. Champlain left France on April 13, and headed for the St. Lawrence river.

Once again, the goal was to start a new French colony. Champlain found an area on the shores of the St.

Lawrence river and began constructing a fort and other buildings. During the very harsh winter here, several of the men died of scurvy. In the summer of , Champlain planned to head west further inland to explore and map the land. Before he could go, the Algonquins and Huron natives asked Champlain to help them attack the powerful Iroquois tribe. He joined them, and on July 29, they all defeated the Iroquois army.

Samuel de Champlain

This expedition also enabled Champlain to explore the Richelieu River and to become the first European to map Lake Champlain. This battle would lead to several years of hostility between the French and Iroquois natives. With the death of King Henry, however, Champlain returned to France to discuss his political future. Champlain returned to France and reported the success of creating the settlement of Quebec. It was decided that it would be the center for the French fur trade.

Champlain returned to New France and Quebec many times over the next several years where he went on to explore and map much of the land. In , he fought against the Iroquois once again. In spring , he sailed up the St. Lawrence river and made it as far as present day Montreal. This time he went as far as the Ottawa River and explored areas connected to the Great Lakes. This discovery would be his last great voyage of exploration.

He would spend the next years of his life trying to re-establish and maintain his authority in New France. Later Years and Death Samuel de Champlain returned to France in July where he learned his title of lieutenant had been taken away. This couple had 3 children including 2 girls that married. There is no trace of their son Michel, born in in Charlesbourg. Four sons and one daughter married. Antoine was a soldier in the Troyes Company and a cooper by trade.

The colonisation of Longueuil started after this expedition since the colony was again in peace.

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The Lord of Longueuil, Charles Lemoyne, knew almost all of his soldiers and invited several of them to settle on his domain. They settled in the seigniory of Sieur Lemoyne, in Longueuil where two of their three children were born: Marie in , Jean-Baptiste in Adrien was born in Montreal in In , Marie married and Jean-Baptiste died.

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Antoine became a clog maker. However, it does not seem as though this clog affair was very productive for this ancestor.

Ancestors (detailed history) | Association des Fournier d'Amérique

Antoine Fournier must have stayed in Montreal for a period of time because all 4 of his children from his second marriage were born there; only one daughter survived and married. Adrien Fournier and Catherine Boutheillier had 15 children including 2 sets of twins. Their descendancy his representes until the twelfth generation and was the fourth in importance of number. He was born around He arrived in New France as a junior in the Marine Corps.

Then, around , he moved to a seigniory in Kamouraska where the lord Charles Aubert de la Chesnaye had given him a parcel of land of 3 acres in frontage by 30 acres in depth. Unstable and constantly in debt, he moved to Saint-Ours around where he and his wife lived out their days. Pierre Fournier de Belleval and Marie Ancellin had 9 children, 6 of whom married. They were tradesmen and farmers and lived more comfortably than their father.

The death certificate of Marie Ancellin has not been traced. As of , many descendents of Pierre Fournier de Belleval and Marie Ancellin only used the surname Belleval as their family name. Nevertheless, some of them did continue to use the full name Fournier de Belleval right into the s. Their lineage primarily settled in the province of Quebec with a few families in New England and count twelve generations. His arrival date in Quebec is unknown, possibly around The reasons of his arrival in New-France were not known.

He was a farmer and a master blacksmith. Three sons and one daughter married. His two sons were farmers in this region. Jean-Baptiste Lemire, a farmer in Nicolet, hired the year-old as a servant on March 7, He then married Catherine Houde on February 5, in Nicolet. Nicolas Philibert, a Quebec merchant, hired Pierre Fournier in to practice the trade of master miller in Sainte-Foy. Three other children were born in Quebec but two of them died young. Eight other children were born of this union; two of these sons assured the lineage.

Pierre Fournier was also a farmer and a land clearer and in he bought 2 parcels of land and then in a third which his sons would inherit. The eldest son, Louis Fournier married Marguerite Thibault on November 21, ; they had 12 children of which six sons would marry.

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They were pioneers in these parishes. This lineage represents the third largest number of Fournier descendents on ten generations. Officials called it the worst flooding since , with homes and businesses flooded. In Saint-Raymond, about 60 kilometres northwest of the provincial capital, 24 seniors in three residences have been moved to higher ground as the Ste-Anne River continues to rise. A local dam gave way Saturday, said Mayor Daniel Dion, prompting concerns about flooding. Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience.

We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. Visit our community guidelines for more information. A vehicle is seen in a gaping hole in the road in the Municipality of Pontiac, about 30 km northwest of Ottawa in this photo posted on the Twitter page of MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais. One person has died amid flooding in western Quebec, after rising river levels swept away part of a road in the Outaouais region overnight.

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Police confirmed the death in a tweet Saturday morning, posting a photo of a gaping hole along the road in the Municipality of Pontiac, about 30 km northwest of Ottawa. The Canadian Press. Christopher Reynolds. Filed under PMN Canada.