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The SS7 hack is a reality. There are sites all over the internet that offer tracking the location of any cell phone user by just the phone number. Other services.

What Nokia should have said was that anything over MB wouldn't be guaranteed to work properly with the original firmware. I used a 1GB with my with no problems once I updated the firmware to a later version. It turns out the maximum support for the was 2GB. I didn't need so much though at the time. The same goes for E If you have a later firmware, higher capacity memory cards should work flawlessly with no slow downs whatsoever once you have a good brand Micro-SD card.

Normally the options are Class 4 and Class 6. Class 6 is a bit harder to get. Class 4 means at least 4MB per min. So if the price is right, max out things and go for a 16GB. If that is far too much memory for you then go for a 4GB or 8GB. If you are going to go for a 8GB or 16GB I would suggest you upgrade your E51's operating system to firmware revision You can upgrade your firmware using Nokia PC Suite.

SD Card Not detected in Windows 10 (Missing Driver,

The reason I suggested upgrading to the lastest is because the first version of the firmware was said to be created before 8GB and 16GB were put on the market so upgrading to the latest will support these high capacity cards better. They may not work OR may not work properly if you have the initial release version of the firmware which was The second firmware release was The way I see it though, if you buy a E51 now more than likely you will get the latest firmware available for your region.

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While we are on the topic of region, where in the world are you? Click on the link below to see for yourself that Nokia officially supports these high capacity memory cards. Don't believe rumours. Debaashis, 26 Jun Can anyone tell me if buying E51 makes any sense in June , especially when compared to jus Personally I don't have a prob But if you were to give on a platter both E51 and E52, which one would you choose today?

Since the memory card, you say, plays a big role rather than the internal memory, wouldn't E52 be better since it supports up to 16 GB-memory card, compared to E51's 4-GB, as recommended by Nokia on all its websites. My question is: is it possible to a GB memory card on E51 without slowing it down or causing it to hang.

Thanks once again for the reply. Personally I don't have a problem surfing the net or reading my e-mails on the E51's screen.


It's big enough for both tasks. Virtually everything can be saved to the memory card which means you can bypass the internal memory for the most part. Things which can automatically be saved to the memory card: 1. Text Messages, E-Mails and anything else to do with messaging 2. Photos 3. Videos 4. Voice memo or recording of phone calls. Games or any applications. If there are more I can't think of them right now. The choice is yours BUT as I pointed out, memory doesn't need to play a part in you deciding which phone to get.

I'll comeback to u as soon as I finish formatting and re-installing.

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Amit, 07 Oct hi Sometimes its j For the record I don't use any antivirus on my phone and it works fine so maybe you should abandon the thought of using any antivirus for the time being. As far as applications goes, if you installed all your applications to memory card, after the phone is formatted and starts up, MOST applications will automatically be re-installed.

Some applications WON'T get re-installed so you will simply have to re-install them manually. This applies to applications you installed on your memory card. If you installed them to phone memory then after using the restoration feature as I guided you on some applications should be re-installed. Once again, whatever doesn't automatically gets re-installed, simply re-install them yourself.

Personally I normally uninstall everything right before formatting and when formatting is complete I re-install back everything. First of all you can back up your entire phone contents which includes Contacts, Text Messages, Notes, Calendar data etc. For me this procedure takes 38 seconds on average because I mainly store my stuff on my memory card. This makes my phone memory as free as possible. Once everything is backed up you can format your phone and rest assured you will get back everything.

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There are two ways to format. Step 1 is much easier right? Well it is but I noticed that using step 2 I actually regained 2MB additional internal memory compared to step 1. When you do step 1 you should have MB free and in doing step 2 you should have MB. It doesn't matter that much but thought I would mention it smile. Tell you what though In taking out the battery for a certain time period the phone will do a quiet reset and when you turn it back on it will ask you to set the date and time. KAKO, please let me know the outcome after you try my suggestions.

I'm always happy to help so don't be afraid to ask. Take care my friend. Before you can use this feature you have to set up your phone on OVI's site How can I copy my whole address book into a spreadsheet?

How to Find Graphics Card Compatibility With your Desktop Computer?

Also with PC suite I can only see two levels of contact numbers when there may be three or four numbers in one contact. Please advise. Original Jamaica, I am an E51 holder here in central africa and its acting up. Sometimes its just freezes, at times it pops up a msg "sim card registration failed" Now I have been following ur helpfull tips. Now I wanted to format my E Do I need to connect it to a PC to reinstall my firmware It started acting after I connected to bugged up Laptop.

I installed Netquin Mobile antivirus is it any good? If not plz advise. Original Jamaica this is an SOS. I like this phone so much. Waiting for u feedback ASAP. Original Jamaica, I am a E51 holder here in central africa and its acting up.

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Do I need to connect it PC to reinstall my firmware Frank in la. I wish nokia would tell us what are the advantages of each upgrade so we could d Dudes can ny one wil giv me the site to download free symbian software for my E Thank u. Hi everyone. I wish nokia would tell us what are the advantages of each upgrade so we could decide if we want to upgrade or not.

Error when IntelĀ® NUC Starts: PXE-E Media Test Failure, Check Cable

Since they dont. What or pros. I courently have fireworm Please don't be anonymous!