Simply zoom onto the desired city and you will find the nearest travel agencies right away where you can book your bus or train ticket offline. Sorry your search did not produce any results. By using this website you agree to our cookie policy. Click here for more information. Sorry, your browser does not support JavaScript! Book through a travel agent or in our ticket shops at bus stops. On the Create a customer class panel, fill in the customer class details:.

Select Residential VoIP.

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When specified, this customer class can only be assigned to resellers and their customers with the same currency. Once the currency selection is saved, it cannot be changed. On your customer class panel, click Finances , then click General info. On the General info panel, fill in general information about the customer class:. On your customer class panel, click Finances , click Invoicing , then click Regular invoices.

On the Regular invoices panel, specify the invoicing parameters for the customer class:. Retail customer invoice template. On the Taxation panel, select the taxation method and specify the taxation parameters. For now, you may leave the rest of configuration parameters with their default values. If you change them later, these changes will automatically affect all resellers that are already assigned to this customer class.

The reseller entity you are about to create will define your relationship with a business partner who is reselling your services under his own name and allow them further independent service management e.

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On the navigation menu, select Sales , then Sales agents and click Resellers. On the Create reseller panel, fill in the reseller details:. By choosing a specific class here the reseller and their customers will automatically inherit all of the class properties grace period, invoice template, payment collection etc. Select the customer class you have just created. A billing period defines the frequency of invoicing for this reseller.

Select tariff A here. After the billing period is over, a list of xDRs and other statistics will be sent to this address.

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While on the General info panel , click Web self-care. On the Web self-care panel, define credentials for the reseller self-care interface such as login, password, time zone, etc. New York time.

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On the Credit limit panel, define the Credit limit warning threshold parameter. The reseller can be notified by email when his balance is dangerously close to the credit limit and service will soon be blocked. The threshold can be specified:.

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So, if the credit limit is USD This is only applicable when the customer has a positive credit limit. The warning will be sent as soon as the balance goes above the specified value. The reseller will use these tariffs to charge their subcustomers. Since the rates for outgoing and incoming calls are different, you will need two tariffs. The reseller will perform the actual tariff configuration on the self-care interface. You just need to provide him with a framework by pre-allocating tariffs.

Repeat steps 1—3 until you have entered all of the tariffs your reseller needs e.

Optionally, you can add rates to this tariff. The procedure is the same as described in the Add rates to the tariff subsection of the Create a Tariff for Charging the Reseller section of this handbook. On the navigation menu, select Service catalog and click Products. On the Create product panel , fill in the product details:. Only tariffs which have the same currency will be permitted in the rating list. Define which service types are included in the product. A service type is a description of the physical service provided to end users. On the Services panel, click Add a service.

In the Select services to add dialog box, select Voice calls and click Add. The reseller will not have access to information about your network, and therefore cannot view rating list information. You define it for resellers as follows:. This entry defines the tariff to be used when a customer of the reseller places an outgoing call. On the Usage charges panel, click Add. Fill in the required information:.

This entry will then be applied by default, and thus will cover the situation when a user dials a number from his phone or forwards a call using the follow-me feature. This will be the same tariff as you have assigned it as a default one when creating a reseller e. This entry defines the tariff to be used when a customer of the reseller receives an incoming call. Reseller Incoming. This is probably undesirable, since that tariff contains rates for outgoing calls.

For more information about the available product features, please refer to the System Concepts section of the PortaBilling Administrator Guide. To allow resellers create accounts for their customers, perform the configuration of the DID provisioning for the reseller according to the instructions provided in the DID Provisioning for Reseller DID Inventory handbook. At this point you have finished with the administrator part of the work. They are listed here for your convenience only; normally the reseller will use the instructions in the self-care guide. We combine the power of always-on service and expertise with the best in tools and automation to deliver technology when and how you need it.

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