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The SS7 hack is a reality. There are sites all over the internet that offer tracking the location of any cell phone user by just the phone number. Other services.

More-recent devices not only gather your GPS location data, they send it back out to someone who may be following your movements on the internet right now.

The 6 Best Car GPS Trackers of

Many of them can be spliced right into your car's electrical system. No batteries and no need for retrieval mean that your shadow can be extra-sneaky when hiding the device.

The engine compartment is going to be too hot, and the trunk is basically a metal box, so you can still pretty much rule those out. Start by looking behind the console, and don't stop until you've looked pretty much everywhere else. Alternately, you can pick up a GPS detector , a handy device that can detect active devices.

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Be careful, though: Many active devices only send out info intermittently, and only when the vehicle is moving. You're going to have to find a friend — if you have any you can trust — to wave the device around while you drive, looking for evidence of privacy-invading data transmission. And avoid crowded areas: Someone talking on a cellphone on a nearby sidewalk can give you a false positive. Todd Morris, CEO of BrickHouse Security, says he sells a high-end device that can track your location even if it's "in a safe, in a van, in an underground parking garage.

Can a GPS detector find those sorts of devices?

How to Install HIDDEN GPS Tracker in any Car - Spy Car Tracker

If you're such a high-priority target that someone's placed a state-of-the-art tracker on your vehicle, can you afford to take the chance? There's almost no chance a cursory investigation is going to find one of these gadgets. For suggestions for improvement, general suggestions and occurring errors please send us an email. The address you will find in the app.

5 Best GPS Car Tracking Apps for Android

Thank you! This helps us a lot! Then become a beta tester. Simply send us an email at mail appcelerate. You will be a part of the team and help us to continue to improve the app. As an Official Old Fart, I love this app. The parking at the hospital is horrible, there are too few visual aids as the scenery has been homogenized, and there can be some distance to cover.

I place a pin before I leave the car and the app faithfully guides me back. I had been using this app for years and worked great. Always reliable.

The 6 Best Car GPS Trackers of 12222

When the game ended I turned on the app like I always did and followed its instructions. An hour later and walking for what seemed miles I finally located my car. According to the app, my car was nowhere close to where I was standing. Thanks a lot Find my Car app! If you enjoy walking for hours looking for your car, get this app.

Earlier this year, police in Gurgaon used the GPS in a Chevrolet Innova to track its whereabouts and return it to the rightful owner. Driver Sanjay Kumar was traveling to Mehrauli in the middle of the night when his car was overtaken by four young car thieves. The men dragged Sanjay from his car, hopped inside, and drove off.

Sanjay immediately contacted the police and let them know that his car was equipped with a GPS device. Authorities were able to track the car and find it within hours of the theft.

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Two of the thieves were arrested at the scene and have been prosecuted in city court. The other two fled the scene and are being searched for by police. Many modern cars come with GPS technology.

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Systems like OnStar — a part of General Motors — are subscription-based, allowing car owners to deactivate the service if they choose to use their own GPS device. If the subscription is activated, car owners experience a wide variety of benefits ranging from hands-free communication to turn-by-turn navigation.